Voices from the Occupation: Mahmoud Abu Khusa - Fatality

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Names: Mahmoud Abu Khusa
Date of incident:
21 November 2012
13 years
al-Manara neighborhood, Gaza City
Nature of incident:

On 21 November 2012, a 13-year-old boy was killed by an Israeli bombardment as he walked to a shop next to his house.

Mahmoud Abu Khusa, 13, lived in al-Manara neighbourhood in the middle of Gaza governorate with a family of 9 members.

At around 2:00 p.m., Mahmoud’s sister, seven year old Wafa’, asked her father for a pencil to do her homework. “She asked me to let Mahmoud buy her a pencil from a nearby shop. I called Mahmoud and asked him to buy her a pencil,” recalls Mahmoud’s father, ‘Atiya. “I told Mahmoud, ‘be careful, keep going to the store if you find people walking by or sitting around in front of their houses, otherwise don’t go,’ ”adds ‘Atiya.

“Two minutes later, I heard a huge explosion and had a feeling that it was really close by but I did not think it had hit the street in front of our house,” ‘Atiya says. ‘Atiya rushed to the door and asked his other son, Mohammad, to see if anything had happened to Mahmoud. “Seconds later, Mohammad came back and told me he had seen people putting a child in a car and taking him away. We did not know who it was,” adds ‘Atiya.

‘Atiya and his brother, Abed al-Rahman, rushed to the hospital where they were informed that Mahmoud died of injuries to his head and heart. “I feel guilty for letting him leave the house. I still have the money he took to buy the pencil for his little sister,” says ‘Atiya.

“What had he done to die? He was just a child in the street and there was nothing there but houses and residents. I was told other children had also died that day but I do not know their names. They are children. What is Mahmoud’s fault? What is the other children’s fault?” says ‘Atiya.

3 December 2012