Sep 01, 2014

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Riad Arar

Director of Child Protection Program

Riad Arar, Director of Child Protection Program, first joined DCI-P as a social worker for child ex-prisoners in 1996. His duties expanded to educating and empowering local community based organizations in keeping with CRC standards, as the Social Program Coordinator from 2002-2008. He currently oversees all activities of the Child Justice and Community Protections Units, including legal, documentation and monitoring services for children in the Palestinian Juvenile Justice system, organizing campaigns to influence laws, and organizing children to be part of the change they need through associations like Young Researchers and Protection Group.

Riad studied social work and psychology at Bethlehem University, and earned a Master’s in Human Rights and Democracy from Birzeit University. He also completed a Higher Diploma in Counselor Supervision through Birzeit University’s Center for Continuing Education

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