Shadi Jaber


Shadi Salah Aldin Mithqal Jaber, a psycho-social, mental health and community development specialist, serves as program director at the Palestine Counseling Center (PCC). In his 20 years with PCC,  Jaber has lead the Emergency Response Team and served as the director of the Prevention Department. Other than his work at PCC, Jaber has held many positions including: consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO),  Psychosocial Well-Being Project Manager at the Secretariat of the National Plan of Action for Palestinian Children (NPA), and supervisor of the Practicum Course for the master’s program in social work at Bethlehem University. He earned a bachelor’s in social work and psychology from Bethlehem University and a master’s in expressive art therapy and psychology from the European Graduate School in Switzerland. Jaber holds two diplomas from the Office for Psychosocial Issues at International Academy Berlin in team and organizational coaching and training of trainees, both in clinical supervision and intervention. He also holds three other diplomas in intermodal expressive arts therapy, family counseling, and special education.

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