Do the facts about killed Palestinian children matter to you?

This week, we documented the death of a 13-year old boy, Mohammad al-Reefi. He had been fighting for his life for more than four years, since an Israeli drone-fired missile strike killed seven of his family members on August 21, 2014, in the central Gaza Strip.

Including Mohammad, at least 50 Palestinian children have died this year because of Israeli forces’ actions. In each case, our field workers in the West Bank and Gaza take up the sober task of investigating and documenting the fatality to expose grave violations against children.

» Support our work to document and expose grave violations against Palestinian children. 

Every time a child in the Occupied Palestinian Territory is killed or is seriously injured due to a violation of international law, we investigate.

Our process begins by speaking to eyewitnesses and making in-person visits to family members to collect sworn testimonies. We gather photos and video footage, and cross-check the evidence against medical records. When the case is complex, we consult forensic, munitions, and other experts to ascertain the full story.

Our independent and accurate evidence-based reporting has made us a trusted source of information to journalists and international bodies who regularly rely on our documentation.

We also work to bring the facts to you so that you can help us advocate for an end to these violations.

» Help us pursue accountability for killed Palestinian children.

Our evidence-based reporting is integral to understanding the human impact of Israeli military occupation on Palestinian children. Please support our work as an ongoing donor. In a time of increasing attacks on the Palestinian civil society space, your support matters greatly.


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