Whether swimming at the beach or trying to get urgent medical care, children in the Gaza Strip were boxed out of their right to health care in 2017 with both Israeli and Palestinian authorities contributing to record lows.

DCIP promotes and protects the human rights of Palestinian children.

We defend children’s rights by offering free legal aid, documenting violations of international law,
and advocating for greater protections. Help us by joining today.

Latest Data

What does it mean to grow up under Israeli military occupation? Learn the facts and stay informed.

  • 14 Children in solitary in 2018
  • 55 Child fatalities in 2018
  • 220 Child "security" detainees

No Way to Treat a Child

Each year the israeli military arrests and prosecutes around 700 palestinian children.

Three out of four experience physical violence during arrest or interrogation.

Help us stop this.

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