Fatalities and Injuries

DCI-Palestine has been documenting Palestinian child fatalities and injuries at the hands of the Israeli military and settlers in the Occupied Palestinian Territory since September 2000.



In the West Bank, child fatalities generally occur in the context of military incursions, demonstrations against Israeli settlements or the separation barrier, or as a result of settler attacks against Palestinian children.

In Gaza, the majority of child fatalities are the result of Israeli attacks and full-scale offensives, which cause a high number of civilian casualties. Some are the result of indiscriminate shooting at the Gaza border fence.

Since 2005, six major military offensives in Gaza have killed at least 1,000 Palestinian children.



Like fatalities, injuries in the West Bank occur as a result of military incursions, demonstrations and settler violence.

Injuries are frequently sustained when children are arrested, transferred and detained in interrogation centers or prisons.

In Gaza, injuries are most commonly the result of flying shrapnel produced by Israeli strikes or shooting at the border fence.


What we do:

  • Document and publicize fatalities and injuries
  • File complaints with Israeli and international authorities to hold perpetrators to account
  • Present evidence to UN and government agencies

DCI-Palestine works to bring an end to all child fatalities and injuries by holding perpetrators to account, influencing public policy and presenting evidence and documentation to international bodies such as agencies of the United Nations.

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