How we work

Our work is divided into two broad programs: Accountability and Child Protection. Both include direct services and advocacy components. The Accountability Program focuses on child rights as they intersect with Israeli military and legal systems, while the Child Protection Program addresses Palestinian children’s rights inside the Palestinian legal framework and mobilizes children within their own communities.

Accountability Program

Legal Unit

Provides legal aid to Palestinian children detained and prosecuted in the Israeli legal system. This unit has represented an average of 150 cases in Israeli military courts and has developed a reputation for successfully limiting the time children spend in detention.

Monitoring & Documentation Unit

Documents human rights abuses and violations against children in the West Bank and Gaza. Since 2001, this unit has documented 1,397 Palestinian child fatalities, and 21 cases of Palestinian children being used as human shields since 2004.

Advocacy Unit

Campaigns for the advancement of rights and protections for Palestinian children using proven and innovative advocacy strategies. Past campaigns in cooperation with other partner organizations have helped raise the majority age of Palestinian child detainees in Israel from 16 to 18.

Child Protection

Child Justice Unit

Provides legal representation to children detained or otherwise in conflict with the Palestinian Authority, and also supports child victims of community violence, exploitation and neglect. This unit represents an average of 90 children in Palestinian courts per year and has influenced Palestinian legislation, contributing directly to the Draft Juvenile Law.

Community Mobilization Unit

Promotes the participation and empowerment of children so that they can address their own rights situation and become agents for positive change. Current projects of this unit include child led data collection and protection teams in five targeted areas.

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